Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for setting up a Face-to Face, Hybrid or Virtual Seminar.

1. The role of the IDM:
Secure a lecture theatre for speaker.
Draft poster and advertise once finalised.
Ensure an attendance register for CPD points in the Lecture Theatre.

2. The role of the Host or unit's administrator IF hybrid or virtual:
In order to avoid logging in problems, to create an MS Teams link for host and presenter in hybrid/virtual and send the link to the Programme Coordinator for poster purposes.

3. The role of the Host and preferably assistance of unit's administrator on the day of the seminar:
In the case of hybrid or virtual seminar, follow steps a – g. These steps are to be done before seminar starts.
a. Collect (and return) the cam from 3.03, Wolson Building and set up the cam ensuring the cam is plugged in the computer's USB port and placed on top of the computer secreen.
b. Click allow on the PC for webcam to collect.
c. Log into MS Teams account using your Username and Password
d. If Virtual: the Host and Presenter can log in simultaneously
e. Ensure that presentation is shared for online attendees, and the recording will be the discretion of the presenter.
f. Ask virtual attendees to use the chat-box to pose questions and/or type their HPCSA membership number for CPD points
g. Download attendance report of virtual attendance and email the Programme Coordinator.
h. Assist the speaker with loading of presentation which was preferably loaded on a USB since there is an existing PC in the Lecture Theatre.
i. If there are any videos to be played during the presentation, ensure to click "include sound" before sharing the screen.
j. Introduce the speaker
k. Chair the Question-and-Answer session

Faculty's IT does not support this activity thus kindly take note of the phone as well as contact details in the Lecture Theatre.
When using the phone, scroll down to HSF Classroom Support.
In the event the phone is busy, call via your cell phone - 021 406 6725