The IDM’s Interactive Network lists all equipment operated in the IDM as core facilities and those pieces of equipment held by IDM Members which are available to others to use. Note: some items will have a user fee and booking system for use.

The following can be selected in the graphic network:

  • All IDM equipment
  • IDM Member accessible equipment
  • IDM core facility equipment
    • IDM flow facilities
    • IDM BSL3 facilities

To facilitate viewing of links, note the zoom-in-out and fit-screen tabs, and the text panel where further directions are given [which can be reduced using the 3 dots directly above the IDM logo]. The panel includes a Search button; clustering of equipment of interest; and further information on any one item - where based and contact person & their details.

Note: Generic items such as centrifuges, PCR machines, incubators, hoods, fridge/freezers etc. are not included in the network.


IDM Interactive Network: (to view in a new window click here)