Meeting rooms and other bookable spaces in the IDM complex are now available to be booked on Clustermarket (previously Bookit). Click HERE to view information on available meeting rooms and click HERE to view the process of making a booking on Clustermarket.

All available bookable spaces can be viewed on the Meeting Rooms page. This page details the facilities in each room, maximum capacity, as well as the process to gain access to the room. 

Kindly note that meeting rooms and other bookable spaces are not serviced by IDM Directorate Staff. It is the responsibility of the organiser to set up the room as required, including reorganising desks and chairs, catering, tea & coffee etc. It is also the responsibility of the organiser to clean up the room and return it to its original condition.

The organiser needs to meet their guests (if they are not UCT staff) at security and accompany them to the meeting room. The organiser also needs to arrange for access to the meeting room by obtaining the code to the key lockbox outside the venue or access card. For meeting rooms in access-controlled areas, the organiser is required to ensure all meeting members are given access to the meeting room by waiting at the door and opening for them, as there is not a dedicated person manning the door.