Membership to the Accountability working group is voluntary, and open to all staff and students affiliated with the IDM. The Committee Chair, Anastasia Koch or co-Chair Mel Chengalroyen may be contacted regarding joining the Accountability working group. 


Some initiatives that have been supported historically are listed below:


  • The IDM co-sponsored the Division of Immunology outreach day for high school students from Retreat, Lavender Hill, Joe Slovo and Khayelitsha. The Outreach team, led by Reto Guler organised a full day of science, practicals and education for the pupils. The Grade 10’s learned all about infectious diseases in South Africa and the opportunities for scientific studies at UCT.
  • The IDM co-sponsored the Human Genetics, IBMS and Cell Biology grade 11 learners' open day. This Open Day, co-organised by Collet Dandara, was designed to make UCT accessible to the public, especially to possible future scientists and doctors. It offered learners the opportunity to engage with the ideas and subject matter they might confront if they pursue studies in this space – but in a customised way that’s palatable for young and inquisitive minds.
  • The IDM co-hosted the annual Africa Day event organized by Muki Shey and Elvis Kidzeru.
  • The IDM co-hosted the World TB Day Mini-symposium with AHRI.
  • The African Research Society (ARS).


Should you wish to host an Accountability activity, you can click HEREPlease note that applicants will be required to submit information about the accountability activity within one month after the activity has taken place. 

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The IDM also supports increasing the visibility of Accountability activities (Outreach, Social Responsiveness, Public Engagement). 

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