Emeritus Prof Robin Wood

Desmond Tutu HIV Centre

Emeritus Professor Robin Wood MMed FCP DSc (UCT)

CEO, Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation & Director, Desmond Tutu HIV Centre, & Full Member, Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine (IDM), Faculty of Health Sciences, UCT; Visiting Scientist, Harvard Medical School; Honorary Professor, London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene; Research Fellow, University of Stellenbosch.

Current research projects: TB diagnostics in HIV, TB transmission in African township, modeling of TB epidemic as function of force of TB infection, extension of Wells and Riley model to generalized TB epidemic and non-steady state conditions by quantitation of daily rebreathed litres. Aerobiology of TB transmission: PI of the Cape Town Clinical Trials Unit; site leader for the Desmond Tutu HIV Clinical Research Site where he leads a scientific research group of the Medical Research Council/University of Cape Town flagship programme investigating the aerobiology of tuberculosis transmission.

Selected publications:

Pulmonary effects of immediate versus deferred antiretroviral therapy in HIV-positive individuals: a nested substudy within the multicentre, international, randomised, controlled Strategic Timing of Antiretroviral Treatment (START) trial . Kunisaki KM, Niewoehner DE, Collins G, Aagaard B, Atako NB, Bakowska E, Clarke A, Corbelli GM, Ekong E, Emery S, Finley EB, Florence E, Infante RM, Kityo CM, Madero JS, Nixon DE, Tedaldi E, Vestbo J, Wood R, Connett JE; INSIGHT START Pulmonary Substudy Group. Lancet Respir Med. 2016 Oct 20. pii: S2213-2600(16)30319-8 

The Transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in High Burden Settings . Yates TA, Khan P, Knight GM, Taylor JG, McHugh TD, Lipman M, White RG, Cohen T, Cobelens FG, Wood R, Moore DAJ, Abubakar I. Lancet Inf Dis 2016;16(2): 227-238

The Anticipated Clinical and Economic Effects of 90-90-90 in South Africa .Walensky RP, Borre ED, Bekker LG, Resch SC, Hyle EP, Wood R, Weinstein MC, Ciaranello AL, Freedberg KA, Paltiel AD. Ann Intern Med. 2016 May 31

An integrated community TB-HIV adherence model provides an alternative to DOT for tuberculosis patients in Cape Town. Kaplan R, Caldwell J, Hermans S, Adriaanse S, Mtwisha L, Bekker LG, Jennings K, Wood R. S Afr Med J. 2016 Jul 6;106(8):804-8

Seminal Mycobacterium tuberculosis in vivo transmission studies: Reanalysis using probabilistic modelling . Issarowa CM, Wood R, Mulder N. Mycobacterial Diseases 2016, 6:3 

Relationship between blood concentrations of hepcidin and anaemia severity, mycobacterial burden and mortality in patients with HIV-associated tuberculosis. Kerkhoff AD, Meintjes G, Burton R, Vogt M, Wood R, Lawn SD. Journal of Infectious Diseases. 2016 Jan 1;213(1):61-70

The dynamics of QuantiFERON®-TB Gold In-Tube conversion and reversion in a cohort of South African adolescents . Andrews JR, Hatherill M, Mahomed H, Hanekom WA, Campo M, Hawn TR, Wood R & Scriba TJ. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2015 Mar 1; 191(5): 584-91

Growth and mortality outcomes for different antiretroviral therapy initiation criteria in children aged 1-5 years: A Causal Modelling Analysis. Schomaker M, Davies MA, Malateste K, Renner L, Sawry S, N'Gbeche S, Technau KG, Eboua F, Tanser F, Sygnaté-Sy H, Phiri S, Amorissani-Folquet M, Cox V, Koueta F, Chimbete C, Lawson-Evi A, Giddy J, Amani-Bosse C, Wood R, Egger M, Leroy V. Epidemiology 2015 Oct 16

Reducing CD4 monitoring in children on antiretroviral therapy with virologic suppression. Davies MA, Ford N, Rabie H, Fatti G, Stinson K, Giddy J, Tanser F, Technau KG, Sawry S, Eley B, Wood R, Mofenson LM, Keiser O, Boulle A. Pediatr Infect Dis J. 2015 Sep 15

Age in antiretroviral therapy programmes in South Africa: a retrospective, multicentre, observational cohort study.  Cornell M, Johnson LF, Schomaker M, Tanser F, Maskew M, Wood R, Prozesky H, Giddy J, Stinson K, Egger M, Boulle A, Myer L; International Epidemiologic Databases to Evaluate AIDS-Southern Africa Collaboration. Lancet HIV. 2015 Sep;2(9):e368-75

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