Dr Oluwafemi Oluwole

Junior Research Fellow

Oluwafemi is a geneticist and a pharmacologist with broad interests in genomics, drug discovery and safety. He has a keen interest in experimental, clinical, and epidemiological research of emerging brain-associated disorders. He is making differences by detecting mutations in cohort studies, measuring gene functions, mapping biological pathways, and utilizing discoveries from multiple disciplines to underpin human phenotype ontologies. He has published up to 25 scientific papers, presented at scientific conferences and won awards. Of note, he is currently an NRF Y-rated researcher. After completing his postdoc fellowship in Prof Wonkam's Lab, he is leading the effort to establish a research group to investigate the molecular medicine of movement disorders and neuropathic pain. He is currently a fellow at the University of Oxford, UK; Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine (IDM) University of Cape Town, South Africa; and Institutes of Primate Research, Nairobi, Kenya.